GPPS Denka

Grade MI Density Color
MW-1-301 1.8 1.040 Bluish
MW-1-321 1.8 1.040 Cristal
MF-21-301 4.5 1.040 Bluish
MF-21-321 4.5 1.040 Cristal
MD-100-301 8.5 1.040 Bluish
HRM-2S-311 1.8 1.040 Non-Blue

GPPS Supreme

Grade MI Applications
SC202LV 4.5 Medium flow, high toughness grade for fast cycling products like CD jewel boxes and stationery.
SC203EL 8 Good flow and strength grade for injection molding of houseware, cutlery, stationery, novelties, cassettes, labware etc.
SC206 12 Easy flow, good strength grade for general injection molding applications like tableware, crystalware, beads, bangles, timepieces and cosmetic.
SC208 20 Extremely easy flowing grade for high speed injection molding of thin walled and clear parts. This grade is specially designed with low blue tone in line with requirement of clear, flexible hanger application.

HIPS Supreme

Grade MI Applications
SH731 4.5 A versatile high impact grade with normal flow and good low temperature toughness for extrusion and injection molding. Applications include thermoformed food and non-food packaging, formed industrial items, hot/cold beverage glasses, audio/video cabinets, business machines, ball pens etc.
SH825 7.5 High impact grade with easy flow and heat distortion resistance for injection molding of housware, cooler bodies, watch cases, wall clocks, novelties etc.
SH03 10 High flow grade with excellent toughness. Suitable for gas assist molding of TV cabinets and high speed molding of thin walled parts. Also suitable for AC grills, toys, computer accessories, refrigerator components etc.

Speciality PS Supreme

Grade MI Applications
SC201E 1.5 High heat, high melt strength GPPS grade for OPS packaging, XPS insulation board, extruded clear sheets, lighting profiles, medical disposables, closures and caps.
SC201LV 2.5 Medium heat, high toughness GPPS grade for large refrigerator parts like crisper trays, ball pens, office accessories.
SC202E 3 High heat extrusion grade specially designed for XPS insulation board & PS foam sheet to have high strength to weight ratio.
SH400M 4 High gloss HIPS grade with balance of toughness and strength for injection molded styling parts of appliances like washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerators, toys, camera, pen barrels etc.
SH2157 4 Matte finish HIPS grade with increased environmental stress cracking resistance against agents like Freon 11, HCFC 141b, cyclopentane and fatty foods. Suitable for refrigerator liners and fatty food packaging.